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Bert Millichip[]

Sir Frederick Albert Millichip (August 5, 1914 - December 18, 2002) was the solemn Football Association chief who ruled over the FA Cup draw with an iron fist.

Millichip spent much of his life representing West Bromwich Albion as a player and director but he also found time to fight in well-known war World War II.

In 1981, Millichip was elected into the role of Football Association chairman. His main role was to glower at anyone who made noise during the FA Cup draw.

Indeed, when, during the fifth-round draw in 1986, an escaped gunman burst into the room, FA chairman Millichip calmly finished his sentence ‘…will play number 23, Reading’ before rugby-tackling the man to the ground while the home team for the next game was being drawn.

Millichip was sometimes nicknamed ‘Microchip’. He didn’t approve of this.

When Terry Venables was appointed England manager in spite of being a terrible, albeit likeable, crook, fingers were pointed at Millichip who quietly disapproved of the decision. Journalist Brian Glanville labelled him ‘Bert the Inert’. Millichip didn’t approve of this.