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Bouncebackability is a word that was inadvertently coined by mediocre manager and Easter Island statue lookalike Iain Dowie. As often happens, the media got hold of it and flogged it to death.

Dowie, who is best known for his grotesque gargoyle face, isn’t a natural orator and often struggles to find legitimate words to populate his sentences.

Therefore it was a routine visit to a conversational cul-de-sac that caused him to utter the Dowie-ism ‘bouncebackability’ while celebrating a gritty comeback win with Crystal Palace. He would never hear the last of it.

As with Ruud Gullit’s inadvertent use of the phrase ‘sexy football’, the media, especially the BBC, were all over ‘bouncebackability’ and used it at every possible juncture until it was as jaded and haggard as Mark Lawrenson himself.

Hit-and-miss Sky Sports show Soccer AM even launched a campaign to have Dowie’s slip of the tongue included in Webster’s dictionary.

Sadly the scholars at Websters were less than enthusiastic at the proposal and tiredly explained that the dictionary is ‘for real words rather than any meaningless collection of sounds that dribbles out of the mouth of a journeyman football manager.”

The fad for saying ‘bouncebackability’ is dead, but Dowie is still haunted by the nonsense word and has threatened bloody vengeance on anyone using it in public.