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Bovril is a liquid beef concoction seen as the lesser of two evils by fans facing hypothermia.

Developed in the late 1870s, at around the same time as football, Bovril became a terrace staple for shivering supporters with little intention of living beyond 50.

Originally appetisingly named ‘Johnston’s Fluid Beef’, the meaty mixture proved surprisingly drinkable considering it is little more than blended cow parts and the bovine aroma was taken for granted at games all over Britain.

In recent times, Bovril has decreased in popularity as a health-conscious generation are more reluctant to drink beef juice, but Bovril still has a committed following in the north and in Scotland where temperatures at winter games are often around -50 degrees.

Famous Bovril drinkers[]

Former Republic of Ireland boss Mick McCarthy is a staunch advocate of Bovril and refused to bring any other liquid to World Cup 2002.

Apparently, ex-Luton Town striker Boncho Guenchev also likes it.[1]

League newcomers Burton Albion’s home stand is sponsored by, and largely made of, Bovril.

Jasper Carrott is the most famous Brummie advocate of Bovril: [2]