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Colin Murray is a complete and utter twat who is from Northern Ireland (Would you believe it) He has shown incredible commitment through out his career to infiltrate the brilliant sport of football on any occasion he can and take as many views away from it as he could. Some rumours even suggest that he is a Al Kaeeda spy sent to lessen the effect of the media, as anything he touches in the media, dwindles away into nothing.

Examples Of Success Draining Powers

- The UEFA Cup/ Europa League. Not the best of tournaments, but it does feature some comedy gold, such as when Newcastle United would be kicked out by European Giants from Cyprus and Austria. However, Channel 5 picked up the rights to broadcast the UEFA cup. This then led to Colin Murray getting the presenting duties. In record time the UEFA cup became the least watched sporting tournament in existence. It dropped behind the Female U10's Chess Championships and the Annual One Armed Austrian Egg And Spoon Race Presented By Francis Jeffers. Finally UEFA managed to dispatch of Murray using a Pint Of Guiness related trap. They then proceeded to rename to the stylish new "Who the fuck cares" Europa League Home of shit such as Liverpool (Kings Of Europe) and the bargain hunters Manchester City. However Murrays damage had already set in. The Europa League has still not picked up yet, and despite a slight increase over the last 2 years, things look bleak.

- Match Of The Day Two. What was a kind hearted, relaxed programme to watch just before your new week started has became the most avoided piece of dogshit known to man in just half a season. Colin Murray somehow got the job of presenter when Football Hero Adrian Chiles left for ITV's big money offer. The BBC soon regretted turning away the 3 legged dog that ran against Murray for the spot as they too suffered the same fate as the UEFA cup. The irish terror struck again, succesfully killing the sunday installment after one day. This has left Footballing pundits fleeing for there lives. Now Murray has to lure in unsuspecting football players thinking they are going to charity events. See DJ Campbell for example.