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Corner-flagging is the act of taking the ball into the corner to waste time.

The player in question dribbles the ball into the corner of the pitch and hunches over it while frustrated opposition players desperately try and hack round his body. Sometimes he will position himself to win a set piece such as a corner kick or a throw in so that the opposition player will kick the ball out.

When performed by the opposition it is a gross and lowly act of bad sportsmanship, when performed by your team it is just a part of the modern game and some good professionalism.

Notable instances of corner-flagging[]

Greece were able to win Euro 2004 by corner-flagging for over 800 minutes. While the Greeks celebrated an unlikely and historic triumph, many felt it was something of shame that a team could win one of football's showpiece events having barely mustered more than 3 shots on target. Some even believed it made a mockery of the game.

Manchester City are famous in the modern era for scoring mostly ugly goals through their Route 1 man Erling Haaland and then tasking Jack Grealish to get on all fours over the ball and be kicked in the groin, legs, arms, and rib-cage by the opposition for 85 minutes while their bandwagon fans chant "Bobby's in a box" on repeat.