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look at that hair!

Daniel "Trampy" Bogdanovic Is a Maltese footballer, who currently plays for Sheffield United. The Trampy striker shares uncanny resemblances to a few celebrities such as Eric Turner who had a successful collaboration with British grime artist Tinie Tempah with hit single "Written in the Stars" and Eli Dingle the resident Emmerdale tramp.

'Sheffield United' (2010 - Present)

Boganovic left South Yorkshire rivals Barnsley after a fall out with fellow player Hugo Colace about who had the dirtiest beard. After his agent tried and tried to find him a club which came to know avail, Bogdanovic then struck lucky as Sheffield United continued their shirt sponsership with holiday company and after the release of the talentless, Maltese reserve keeper Justin Haber The Blades where under pressure to find another Maltese talent, hence the reaction to buy Bogdanovic.

Goal Scoring Record

Bogdanovic has had a hack of some how finding a decent goal scoring talent by taking penalties. In his career 97% of his goals where penalties the other 3% are made up by the goal he scored when Burnley Defender Tyrone Mears was knocked out by the horrendous stench of the Maltese striker which ended up seeing Bogdanovic dispossessing Mears' unconcious body and slipping the ball past goalkeeper Lee Grant.

Transfer Rumours

In January 2011 rumours surfaced that Scottish side Hibernian wanted the Maltese on loan only for Bogdanovic to say he will never quit the lane. In an interview on Blades player "Boggy" said his title of biggest tramp in the country would be in jepordy if he made a move to the highlands. This meant that Boggy would be able to sit on the bench and do fuck all for the Blades until at least the end of the season