David Healy is a Northern Irish international striker and is Northern Ireland's all time record goalscorer. David Healy is hailed as the best striker ever by everybody who works for BBC Northern Ireland. Healy has bamboozled football supporters world wide for producing world class international performances whilst having a non-existent top flight career. Healy does not posess speed,strength or height at any level of football. However, whilst wearing a Northern Ireland shirt Healy is said to have " a very good eye for goal". Why this eye deserts Healy at club level is beyond everyone who has ever played, watched or heard of football. Healy's loss of this "eye for goal" should not be confused with the fortunes of his international team mate Dean Shiels, who literally only has one eye. Healy's former Fulham team mate, Steve Davis, confirmed that, even at club level, Healy had two eyes. "Yes he definitely has two eyes, there big and brown and look like that of a lost puppy destined for the river bed."

During the Lawrie Sanchez's tenure as Fulham manager he signed the entire 1.8 million population of Northern Ireland to play for the London club,even hopeless Healy, this has led to the ethno-national conflict known as ' The Troubles' breaking out again at Craven Cottage. Aaron Hughes and Chris Baird are currently not talking to each other after Baird placed semtex under Hughes shinguards before the recent game against Stoke.

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