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Dishwasher Managers[]

The term Dishwasher Manager is an under used phrase in the english football dictionary. The term referes to managers who go round and round like a dishwashers moving from club to club without ever achieving anything. Dishwasher Managers are not to be confused with actual dishwashers, and do not contain cups.

Criteria for Dishwasher Managers[]

To be considered a dishwasher manager, maagers must adhere to strict criteria. They must manage in the lower leagues of english football, they must be over hyped at first arrival and they are allowed one "crack at the big time" which should fail misreably. Managers may also gain entry to this club by looking like an actual dishwasher. Mangers must spend no more than 3 years managing any club.

Other criteria include:

  • Managers must move from club to club without ever achieving anything.
  • Managers must have a history in football, usually in the lower leagues of english football from a year long gone.
  • Managers must have no particular style of football and constantly chop and change sides.

Purpose of Dishwasher Managers[]

The Dishwasher Manager plays an important role in modern day football. They are occupied by about 13% of english clubs(although this figure is hard to gauage with managers leaving and clubs so often). They also serve the vital purpose of keeping football in the dark days and enforce the long ball tactics, or route one football. They can usuaully be seen sporting the club tracksuit and being "involved" on the training ground, they can also be seen wearing the clubs tracksuit after leaving the club. Diswasher manager Gary Megson stated after being sacked by Bolton "I robbed me some pens and paper so I did, i tried to take Zat Knight but the bugger was to big for my man bag".

List of Dishwasher Managers[]

Most Dishwasher Managers are still alive and kicking and employed within the game:

Gary Megson, Nigel Adkins, Tony Mowbary, Aidy Boothroyd, Mickey Adams, Paulo Sousa, Gary Simpson and Avram Grant.