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Frank Lamprd's Mum is the recently deceased wife of Frank Lampard and mother of Frank Lampard Jnr (or for people a bit younger she's the recently deceased wife of Frank Lampard Snr and mother of Frank Lampard ).

Her aforementioned son Frank began a trend of thanking her every time he scored a goal after she had passed away. The trend however went viral across professional football and players all over the world can be seen looking up at the heavens and saying thank you to Mrs Lampard every time they score. It happened throughout World Cup 2010 in South Africa, with a notable display of gratitude shown by Fulham and USA 's Clint Dempsey , who should really have been thankikng Robert Green , but there you go.


Clint Dempsey celebrates his goal against England in South Africa 2010 by looking up at Frank Lampard's mum in the sky and saying thank you.

It is a common misconception that many religious players are in fact thanking God for their goals, but the truth is they are all looking up at Mrs Lampard.