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Gary Lineker was a football player who featured in many games!

Match Of The Day[]

Following in the footsteps of the iconic Des Lynam, Lineker swiftly established himself as MOD's figurehead, the target man - if you like - for Lawrenson and Hansen's hopeful and sometimes erratic punts. Sadly, his previous stint upon the seminal 'They Think It's All Over' (in which Lineker sparkled alongside his natural luminaries such as Rory McGrath and Lee Hurst) flicked a switch inside Lineker's addled brain and convinced him that he was the missing link between Lynam and Nick Hancock. In subsequent years, Lineker has become a bastion of the established order, a byword for Middle-England complacency. Amongst former professionals, Lineker is regarded as something of an enigmatic intellectual, largely by virtue of his ability to read autocues and ad-lib. As part of the 'holy trinity', alongside Hansen and Lawrenson, Lineker has also pioneered a new form of presenting in which 'matey' banter fuses with a unique brand of ignorance and complacency which has been otherwise defined as 'former professionlitus'. Gary has recently boosted his admirable C.V.s by doing voiceovers for Poundland (perhaps with a view to a future 'transfer') and crisp adverts.

Gary then went on to present MOTD.


Gary is famously friends with Willie Thorne. They are believed to be the only two famous people from Leicester.