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&nbsp Gary Penrice was a wonderful footballer from the 1980's/90's, perhaps more famously known for his spiv moustache and ridiculoulsy pale face on Panini sticker albums. He (attempted) to play for QPR during the early years of the Premier League, scoring 20 goals in 63 appearances. He also played for Bristol Rovers and played Charlie Chaplin in several modern day silent movies.


Penrice first grew a moustache when he was just three years old. He cited his 'moustached heros' as Charlie Chaplin, Adolf Hitler and Barry Chuckle.

Europea Scout[]

Penrice has an amazing knowledge of the European Transfer system and is now working for Stoke City as European scout. His moustache is said to have inspired footballers such as David Bentley, Robert Pires and Jonas Gutierrez to experiment with ridiculous facial hair.