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Good Time To Score[]

According to football cliché, between the 40th and 45th minute is a good time to score.

The theory behind this adage is that a goal on the stroke of half-time can have a big psychological effect on both teams and change the balance of the game.

However, over the years commentators and pundits have laboured the point to the extent where many younger managers train their sides to focus for only the five-minute period before the interval.

In the same way that teams are scared of angering a wounded animal and claim to be ‘most vulnerable after scoring’, impressionable bosses like Nigel Clough can be seen visibly discouraging shots on goal during the early stages of the game.

As half-time approaches, the Derby County tactician will wave men forward, sometimes even sending the goalkeeper up for corners in the hope of netting at a good time.


Like an ‘important period’ in the season, the idea of there being a good time to score is old bollocks.