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Harald Schumacher[]

Harald Anton "Toni" Schumacher (born 6 March 1954 in Düren, West Germany) is a former West German international goalkeeper, most famous for committing one of the most artless and blatant fouls ever to go unpunished in the game of football.

1982 World Cup Final[]

Schumacher's performance at the 1982 World Cup was uneventful until the semi-final of the tournament, where West Germany played France. A long ball pass behind the West German defence was inexplicably chased by defender Patrick Battiston. Schumacher raced out of his goal but was second to the ball, which Battiston knocked pass him in a weak effort on goal. After Battiston had played the ball, Schumacher leapt into the air and proceeded to lay out the Frenchman with one of the most violent reducers the game has ever seen.Battiston was left prone on the ground, unmoving, prompting tubby, balding French playmaker genius Michel Platini to yell at Schumacher "You've fucking killed him you Kraut bastard." Schumacher was unmoved, and neither was the ref, who signalled for a goal kick, taken after Battiston had been given the Last Rites while still on the pitch.


France and West Germany met again in the 1986 World Cup. This time, Battiston didn't do anything as stupid as chase a long punt upfield and stayed at least 60 yards away from Schumacher.

Schumacher's foul remains one of the great unsolved mysteries of football. How the hell did the referee miss it. It can be seen here [1]