'Irony'[edit | edit source]


Journalists, managers and pundits define a situation as ironic:

• when there is a disparity between an expected event and an actual event

• when there is a coincidental relationship between two events

• when the actions of players are incongruous with a situation of which they are ignorant, yet its nature is clear to observers

• whenever any other thing happens

Football matches frequently contain coincidences, surprises and things happening, leading to hundreds and sometimes thousands of ironic events every game.

Not ironic[edit | edit source]

Something is not ironic if it does not take place on a football pitch, if it does not involve a footballer, manager, mascot or Page 3 slattern, if it cannot be subdivided into two halves, and if an important part of its equipment cannot be replaced with jumpers.

Irony should not be confused with sarcasm. Sarcastic events on a football pitch are rare, although they usually involve Filippo Inzaghi on account of his incredibly sarcastic face.

Examples[edit | edit source]

Examples of irony include everything that has ever happened in the history of football.

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