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Following the 1990 World Cup a slew of highlight videos were released, all narrated by the genius of Brian Moore. One of these was titled ‘Highlights Of The 1990 World Cup’ featuring a selection of the best games from the tournament and Ireland-Romania.

Anyone expecting the original commentary was in for a shock though, as old Brian had added his commentary after the matches took place. What followed was 90 minutes of Moore trying to sound surprised and shocked at everything.

During the England-Belgium clash Brian says “and on comes David Platt,” in his most reserved and unknowing tone, instead of “here comes the moon faced bugger who is going to score in the 119th minute with a superbly taken volley from a free kick given because Gazza fell over and some Belgian happened to be running behind him.” From the resulting free kick which won the game Moore screams “and it’s in there!!!” despite Gazza still lining up the kick.

During the Ireland-Romania farce Moore is heard to say at kick off, “… in what should be a free flowing and tremendous game of football,” which Moore would later be fined for by ITV.

Equally as glaring was the commentary to Maradona’s solo run which set up Claudio Cannigia’s goal against Brazil, where Moore said “and here’s Maradona who hasn’t done anything of consequence in the whole game and could use a moment of inspiration to help his side who have had no shots on goal and committed 65 fouls. Could this be the one moment in the tournament where he goes on an amazing solo run, takes on six defenders and slides a crucial pass to an unmarked player?” By the time he had finished this passage the highlights had moved onto the England-Cameroon quarter final where Moore had to catch himself and shout “and Lineker’s gone down, penalty!!” even though it was Gazza fouling Roger Milla for Cameroons equalizer.

Moore gave up all pretence of the commentary being live when during England-Germany he said “a valiant attempt by England, but they’ve fallen short today and are out,” leaving dead air for the next ten minutes.

Moore would subsequently pre-record the commentary for the next few England tournaments, even beyond his death, with the line “Waddle’s blazed it over! England are out!” used in the campaigns of Euro 1996 and 2004 and World Cups 1998 and 2006.