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Jason Andre Davis Roberts MBE (born 25 January 1978) is a lightening-quick striker. He has had more clubs than Tiger Woods, is a nephew of Cyrille Regis and is sometimes a Grenadian International.

During a career of fairly consistent goalscoring with the likes of Hayes, Wolves, West Bromwich Albion, Wigan and Blackburn, Roberts honed a remarkable new style of play.

No matter where he is on the pitch, Roberts will always be found with his back to goal. He remains in this position until the ball is played into his feet, any other pass is unacceptable. If a pass is not to his specifications he deliberately 'controls' the ball over 10 feet away as a protest. Once the right pass is received Roberts sticks his bum out and quickly waddles backwards into the covering defender.

Once suitable yardage had been gained from his bum-scrum, Roberts makes a lightening turn thus gaining enough room for an inevitable shot on goal. At this point he belts the ball thinking only of power, never of accuracy.

The Optima stat index shows that Roberts spends over 67% of each game facing away from the goal he is required to score in. Some have suggested that by the time Roberts receives the ball he has completely forgetten where the net even should be. Despite this Jason Roberts often garners enough praise to stay at a club long enough to 'request' moves to other, more ambitious clubs. This very often results in a move to a similar club situated somewhere else and the process is repeated.

In the 2010 New Year Honours The Queen decided to ignore long-outstanding players such as Ryan Giggs and instead chose to make Roberts a Member of the Order of the British Empire in recognition of creating such an innovative style of play.