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Jesus Gil[]

Gregorio Jesús Gil y Gil (March 11, 1933 – May 14, 2004) was a nasty piece of work who ruled over Atletico Madrid, where he sacked a manager every two hours.

Gil was one of those hate-filled ageing Europeans you get who runs a football team like a totalitarian state.

Like an embarrassing uncle who gets drunk at a wedding and offends everyone he talks to, upon taking control of Atletico Madrid in 1987 Gil set about besmirching the good name of the club with a serious of baffling statements in the Press.

A man of extreme right-wing views, Gil ticked all the boxes – he was sexist, racist, xenophobic, and almost certainly read the Daily Mail.

When asked for his view on Colombian striker Adolfo Valencia, Gil once claimed that he would: ‘slash the nigger’s throat and shit on his fucking mother’. He didn’t follow through with that threat.

Gil’s famous temper meant that any manager he appointed knew not to unpack his bags. ‘Firing a coach is to me like having a beer. I can boot 20 in a year span. Even 100 if I have to,’ Gil once explained.

During his reign, a host of tacticians, including platitude addict Ron Atkinson met with early sackings. César Luis Menotti was axed for taking too long to do the cryptic crossword on the team coach to Valencia, while Javier Clemente was sacked for ‘looking like the taxman’.

Often managers were sacked so quickly that two confused coaches would both lead training unsure as to which of them was currently in charge.

Eventually, Gil had the team taken away from him for being a terrible old crook.


Gil owned a crocodile.