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James Martin "Jim" Beglin (born 29 July 1963 in County Waterford) is a former Irish professional footballer. In recent years he has been part of the punditry extravangza at ITV Sport, regularly co-commentating with playboy Clyde Tyldesley .


Jim Beglin

Beglin has an extremely diplomatic commentating approach, which fits in perfectly with the ITV Sport mantra of speaking but at the same time saying nothing.

Constricted by the channel 3 "fat cats", Beglin takes to drink after the Champions League ties to enter a alcohol-fuelled virtual world, free of what he dubs "media studies pricks". Whichever European city he happens to be in, he will fly over his right-hand man and confidant Graham Kavanagh. The two habitually begin slowly with Mountain Gay rum with pineapple juice, but then move onto Kilkenny in the knowledge neither like the drink; they will then paint the town shamrock green. They parade the European streets singing "The Pogues" and "The Dubliners", whilst attempting to do two-footed challenges on passing pedestrians.

Both have a penchant for the ladies, however it is the niche market of women in sport media. Beglin had been attempting to romance horse-whisperer Clare Balding for many years and had a breakdown when she came out as a lesbian, disappearing for three days before resurfacing on a Humberside beach chasing seagulls. His latest mission is History of Art graduate turned presenter of the tedium otherwise known as "snooker", Hazel Irvine, whom he frequently sends toy panda bears, despite her having no interest at all in the animal.

Beglin's arch nemesis is radio funny man, Mark "Chappers" Chapman. The spat started at a swanky Crewe nightspot where the two were enjoying salsa lessons with T.V. heart-throb Micheal Le Vell. Chapman and Beglin became embroiled in a heated debate on whether T.V. talents shows are diminishing the quality of music. Neither would concede on the issue and Le Vell had to step in as Beglin started to make crude comments about Chapper's luck with the other sex; the comments left Chapman in tears and visibly shaking with rage. The two have been at loggerheads since, recently becoming involved in a fist fight at the Radio Five Live annual awards; the fight was stopped, however Mark Pougatch was egging on both parties to set a date for a naked, jelly wrestling showdown.