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Joaquín Bilbao[]

Joaquin Bilbao was the president of Spanish side Xerez. His hobbies included sharing a surname with another Spanish city and shooting up brothels.

In order to become the chief of a Spanish or Italian club, you must be a balding, sleazy, maniac with a God complex and a shady past.

Bilbao met all those requirements and went above and beyond when he opened fire on a well-known whorehouse in the early hours of the morning. Luckily it was National Whore Day, so the workers were on holiday, but even the Spanish Press didn't have to exaggerate the story to generate shock value.

In spite of, or possibly inspired by, Bilbao’s antics, Xerez secured promotion to the top tier of Spanish football but the big man stepped down after certain prudish members of the Xerez support took against his penchant for the attempted murder of sex workers.