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Jorge Campos[]

Jorge Campos is the best goalkeeper Mexico has produced in spite of being a tiny man who wanted to be a striker and preferred fashion to football.

Most professional goalkeepers are at least six foot tall, but Campos was closer to five foot. However, he flung himself around like a nutter, making up for the fact that he often needed a leg up from one of his teammates to catch a cross.

Like many ‘keepers, including clownish England No 1 David James, Campos was a frustrated striker and amazingly played a number of games up front for various teams of Carlos Kick-a-balls. The diminutive Mexican even petitioned FIFA to enforce the use of rush goalkeepers but failed. At the same meeting, a proposal to allow the call of 'unfair teams' at half-time was rejected.

Taking matters into his own hands, Campos started coming further and further out of his goal during matches and it was common to see him spend a whole game in the opponents’ half, aside from when he reluctantly jogged the length of the pitch to pick the ball out of his unguarded net.

Apart from his contempt for the position of goalkeeper, Campos stood out from sane custodians due to his crazy, garish kits.

Jorge insisted on designing his own goalkeeper kits throughout his career, even though he had no discernable artistic talent and most of his designs were so bright that oncoming strikers had to avert their eyes.

In the run-up to World Cup ’94, Campos caused controversy by missing all of Mexico’s crucial training sessions to design his kit and bringing a sewing machine into the goalmouth for the pre-tournament friendlies. He justified his decision by explaining: 'We always go out in the second round anyway, so I might as well look good for our forgettable four-game adventure.'

After his retirement, Campos briefly tried his hand as a coach before deciding he didn’t really enjoy it and opening a chain of sandwich shops instead.