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Karel "Yes I have got a girls name and long hair" Poborsky was quite possibly the greatest player to play for Manchester United in living memory.

Signed after Euro '96 when Sir Alex saw him kick a ball higher than anyone previously, he quickly became a phenomenon at Manchester United. He made his debut in the Charity Shield vs Newcastle United alongside another famous legend of the game Cruyff (Jordi) and the two of them went on to dominate domestic football for the next 340 days.

Famously remembered for "That Dribble" versus Newcastle United, Poborsky became a polemic figure amongst the United faithful. This was mostly attributed to him causing heartache at Christmas time for parents of little United fans wanting replica shirts with his name on the back (which incidentally single handedly funded the transfer of Veron... who was significantly less effective on the pitch, and also considerably less commercially beneficial for the Manchester club).

Tragically, Karel was the victim of his own personal rapture as God, upon realising his mistake of sending the true messiah too early, promptly recalled him to Heaven to sit on his right side.

Every year United fans embark on a mass pilgrimage to the home of Karel (seat 4 on the subs bench) to pay their respects to this top, top player