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Pressman was a big old thing

Kevin Pressman[]

Kevin Paul Pressman (born 6 November 1967 in Fareham, Hampshire) is an enormous beast more stomach than man, who played in goal for Sheffield Wednesday and currently works as a goalkeeping coach for Scunthorpe.

Despite weighing a little more than a grand piano, Pressman was a surprisingly agile goalkeeper who played nearly 500 games for Sheffield Wednesday between 1987 and 2004.

Penalty king Pressman often had to play understudy to Chris Turner and he was a substitute for four Wembley Finals - 1991 League Cup, 1993 League Cup and FA Cup plus Replay – but he had the last laugh as he ate Turner whole after munching down Chris Woods’ ribs as a starter.

Pressman set the record for the fastest sending off in English football when he was dismissed after just 13 seconds for handball in a game against Wolves.

Sadly for the glutenous goalie, that seemingly formidable record was later broken by Chippenham Town player David Pratt in December 2008.

As Pressman neared 40, his waist size remained comfortably higher than his age and his weight problem became more of a hindrance, as diving became an infrequent and dangerous procedure.

Sheffield Wednesday’s nutritionist frowned upon Pressman’s tradition of roasting a hog during games and his insistence on wearing a nacho hat.

The corpulent custodian decided it was time to move on and wore the No 1 shirt at West Bromwich Albion, Leicester City, Leeds United, Coventry City, Mansfield Town, Portadown and Scunthorpe where he is now a coach.


Pressman looks a little bit like cricketer Darren Gough.