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Rio Ferdinand, seconds after merking someone.

LAD banter is a very popular type of communication within football, among players, fans and pundits alike. If you believe ITV and their KIA adverts, every single football fan is a LAD, who spends his days 'smashing birds', drinking alcohol, going on holiday to Spanish seaside resorts in order to irritate foreigners, posting on, and using words like gash. Known football related LADS include

ITV and LAD banter

One of the main utilisers of LAD banter for communicating with their audience are ITV. ITV have used banter to appeal to their audience in many ways, perhaps the most annoying of which was when they were sponsored by KIA and had the FA Cup bought to us by the hilarious trio of Keith, Ian and Andy. Keith Ian and Andy are hilarious because they are exactly like real football supporters. Note how they have hilarious banter, such as a trivia quiz, in which 'Keith United' take on 'Andy Athletic'. Presumably, Stupid Infuriating Cunt Wanderers were playing the next day. This incredible grasp of both wordplay and how the average football fan interacts with his mates led to the adverts being so popular, that almost nobody hated them and wanted to watch the three stars be tied to the floor and brutally kicked to death by the entire Stoke city backline before being sodomised by Didier Drogba. What made the three lads even more loveable was the fact that they appeared every time ITV had an ad break, which of course meant we were given the privelege of watching them at least twice every 10 minutes. Of course, the main problem with these adverts is that they were used on ITV's FA Cup highlights show, on a saturday night. Because any good LAD spends his saturday nights getting drunk and hitting people with glass bottles outside kebab shops, Keith, Ian and Andy were only seen by those of us who prefer to spend out saturdays sitting at home, masturbating to the thought of one day not being crushingly lonely. This led to some negative reception for the ads, and they are no longer part of ITV's FA Cup coverage.