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Gazzetta dello sport

La Gazzetta dello Sport[]

La Gazzetta dello Sport is a daily Italian sports newspaper that has a habit of addressing their excitable headlines to the people involved in the story.

Italy is a bizarre country where the prime minister is a proven crook, men always wear Y-fronts and there are three daily sports newspapers – the Corriere dello Sport, Tuttosport and La Gazzetta dello Sport.

La Gazzetta dello Sport is possibly the most famous of these outside the peninsula because of its eye-catching pink pages.

It is hard to see a copy without remembering hairless Italophile James Richardson translating the headlines while sipping a cappuccino on Channel 4’s Football Italia.

Like many Italian newspapers, La Gazzetta has a soft spot for long, overly emotional headlines and sub-headlines that address the people involved in the story.

For example, Milan’s recent UEFA Cup exit at the hands of Werder Bremen earned the headline: ‘Jesus fucking Christ Milan, don’t you remember when you won the Champions League a few years ago? Now look at you losing to some mediocre German side in Europe’s second competition – you have it all to do if you are to even manage a respectable season now.’