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A fine tackle by Dixon

Playing Career

Dixon mainly played right back for Arsenal and was good, except when he accidentally lobbed David Seaman. He only won 22 caps though no-one knows who else played for England at right back during his career.


By virtue sitting next to the likes of Mark Lawrenson and Alan Shearer, Dixon comes across as an erudite man with a knowledge of football that is unsurpassed. This is not the case but he is infact just much less of a twat than most BBC pundits. Inspite of being less of a twat than the aformentioned pundits he is usually confined to MOTD2 where he has to talk to tedious Irish wanker Colin Murray, who knows less about football than a lobotomised chimpanzee. Having worked MOTD for some years now Dixon is starting to become increasingly smug in accordance with his BBC contract.