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Michael Platts O.B.E is the most significant person ever to recieve an O.B.E. The rugged yet skinny central midfielder had asucessful career which peaked at winning the Cliff Park player of the year. A highly prestigous award that Platts took from the mitts of ball provider oe Williamson, note Joe was only nominated for bringing a football to each meeting on the hallow turf (gritty gravel) each lunch time.

Finally an O.B.E

After starting to put marginal amounts of effort into to each game, fellow Cliff Park hero Joe Glave hedged his bets that Platts would one day become an O.B.E for his dedication and fantastic service to the beautiful game, football. Pressure started to tighten on her majesty and she finally announced that Mike Platts would be granted an O.B.E in the spring honours list. Mike Platts made the journey down to the palace and decided he was casual to care what he dressed like, this led to Platts wearing his infamous blue Lonsdale jacket which apparently inspired the Queen to purchase her own.

Post O.B.E

Platts continues to bring tears to eyes of fans of the beautiful game with his superb dedication, he is best describedas an icon, a legend, a role model. Welsh striker Ched Evans thanked the O.B.E for his inspiration and claimed it was the reason to his current run of good form. Another player at Cliff Park claimed Platts deserved an M.B.E an rumours again surfaced that his name was on the new years honours list. Unfortunatley the Queen didn't agree, this did cause massive controversy though and to an extreme had some football fans questioning if her majesty actually gave a shit about football.

Post M.B.E failure

Platts has not only expressed his dissapointment to miss out but also his desire to get back into football to secure a spot on the next honours list. This story is so inspiring that tears trickle down my face as I type and I am struglling to see my keyboard, pure inspiration!


With Platts' immense skill and football knowledge there has been vast rumour that it is only a matter of time that a big club will offer him big money. The usually media shy hero did do an interview for "Cliff player" though, "I've already been offered contracts at clubs like Barcelona and Chealsea but there is nothnig like playing at Cliff Park, no Barcelona team can live up to the standards of the Cliff contingent, I will never face a keeper like our wembly keeper Jake Bingham, I will never have such a fierce battle in the middle of the park like I do with Tardwick." Despite this emotional speech Platts showed little emotion and after returned home to play zombies with Jimmy, not only a footballer but a family man.