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Michel Preud'homme[]

Michel Preud'homme (born January 24, 1959 in Ougree) is a Belgian football hero, but it was agony for him at World Cup 1990.

A decent shot-stopper, Preud’homme was between the sticks at the 1990 and 1994 World Cups just before Belgium became a nonsense nation who get beaten by teams like Bosnia.

Preud’homme has left a great legacy in Belgium, but in England his name is synonymous with some of the best gloating in commentary history.

As the England-Belgium World Cup 1990 second round clash drifted towards a penalty shootout at 0-0, David Platt, who these days is a pudgy chin-hoarder, wheeled around to place a perfect volley past Preud’homme.

Moore roared with partisan delight, which was followed almost immediately by the delighted refrain of ‘agony for Preud’homme’ as the camera focused on the forlorn Belgian.

Disgraceful kits[]

Like most 'keepers during the 80s and 90s, Preud'homme wore some criminal kits (as pictured).