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Millwall are Footballing royalty. The blokes are all modelled on adonis, with the strength of Hercules whilst the women are more hermaphodite than Aphrodite.

Whilst they aren't successful on the pitch, this is simply because they never lose at anything else. Fights, pulling competitions etc, so they allow other clubs to succeed on the pitch.

This has really backfired with their local rivals who are all mongs and never win at anything either.

Millwall are the only South London club to have entered into a continental cup competition.

Millwall reached the 2004 FA Cup final, but insisted on letting Manchester United win, on the basis that their fans are Northern, Ugly and stupid.

In the 2013 FA Cup semi-final Millwall showed the world how good they are at fighting, and streamed the MFC (Millwall Fighting Championship) tag-team fight live from the Wembley stands to an audience of millions around the globe.

Again they insisted on letting Wigan win on the basis of them being Northern, Poor and mongs. As opposed to us ,who are just coke sniffing racists.