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Neil Redfearn[]

Neil David Redfearn (born 20 June 1965) is a journeyman no-nonsense midfielder who is famous for his bizarre relegation fetish.

The dour Yorkshire native dropped out of the Premier League with Barnsley and Charlton, went down from the Second Division with Bolton and guided Lincoln down from the Third Division in 1985-86.

Redfearn's descent into addiction[]

Addicted to the giddy thrill of demotion, Redfearn continued his mad relegation binge, descending the divisions at break-neck pace.

Halifax Town, Boston United, Scarborough, no team was safe from the Redfearn curse.

Eventually, a clearly disturbed Redfearn took to joining sides cut adrift at the bottom mid-season, racking up a formidable 27 relegations – one at every level of the football pyramid.

‘I’ll always give 100 percent,’ Redfearn explained. ‘But I can’t deny I’m delighted when I see an ‘R’ next to my team in the table.’

The arrival of Redfearn often caused chaos in the dressing room as his new teammates realised their inevitable fate. Just 48 hours after joining Boston United in 2002, all 30 of his fellow players had filed transfer requests.