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Pascal Cyan (born April 29, 1974 in Lens, Pas-de-Calais) is rumoured to be a footballer. He is most famous for a rather unproductive stint at Arsenal.

Contrary to popular belief, Pascal Cygan did actually pick up a Premier League winners' medal in the 2003/04 season. Many claim he should be stripped of his medal simply because he was utter shite. But many Arsenal fans will fondly remember his brace against Fulham during the opening day of the2005/06 season. It was rumoured that Pascal threatened to headbutt Fredrik Ljungberg's dog if the Frenchman was not set up.

Sadly for Pascal, the majority will remember him for being totally clueless at the back. During his time at Arsenal he famously coined the "backwards header" trick. This was well known to catch players but surprise. It's just a shame the players tended to be that of his own team.

Nowadays Pascal Cygan is travlling the world as Pierluigi Collina's doppelgänger.