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In the 1980's (and most likely 70's) Shoot! magazine featured a player profile every week, asking prominent footballers what their likes were on varying topics. Back in those days the magazine actually had some degree of journalistic credibility and featured actual articles, instead of the all photo layout of later years. The profiles fit right in and the youth of the era were subjected to what the favorite TV shows and musical artists of players like Paul Mariner, David Armstrong, Alan Brazil and Ivan Golac were.

Musicians like Phil Collins, Luther Vandross, George Benson, The Eagles, Brotherhood of Man and Deep Purple appeared on the lists quite often, as did TV shows like Only Fools and Horses, Hill Street Blues, The Sweeney and The Professionals. Most of the players also enjoyed a decent curry and a pint and were accompanied by profile photos of them both playing football and in leisurely situations, such as standing alongside their Ford Tempo or Vauxhall Chevette. Mariner was shown in a pair of gumboots pissing around on his farm, which was a moment of hilarity during World Cup 86 coverage in New Zealand, when Doug Armstrong provided the magazine to a red-faced Paul. It was already embarrassing enough for Mariner, who was playing for some Kiwi side in front of a dozen people in backyard matches.

The profiles are sorely missed.

These days the term "player profile" immediately makes one think of football manager, the brilliant football managerial game which has be known to have taken over people's lives, typically male teenagers and males who are really sad and play the game into their twenties and beyond.