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Robson de Souza (born in the 1980s), otherwise known as Robinho, is a confusing Brazilian sportsman playing for someone at a certain sport which was originally narrowed down to football, lacrosse or boy's tag rugby. It has recently been confirmed that he is in fact a footballer, due to his appearance on Back of the Net Wiki.

Early Career[]

His rise to fame started as early as his childhood years, when he instantly stood out from the crowd, being a young Brazilian boy who liked football. This continued as when he was just 15, frequent goal-scorer Pele named him as his "natural heir", although the confidence gained from this statement was quickly shattered when Pele also named Nicky Butt as the world's best player, Lidl's as his favourite posh supermarket and Chris Brown as the world's best boxer. He was later rejected by Channel 5's UEFA Cup punditry team.

Rest of Career[]

He peaked at 16 years old, when he reached 7 foot 4 inches, before being melted down into Robinho II, with the remaining human molecules forming complete shinbag waste of football talent Adriano. It is unclear how he got melted down, although it is thought that the heat energy emitted from Fat Ronaldo's reincarnation was partly to blame. Since then he has turned into a Roman Gypsy Traveller, venturing around almost half a million clubs, causing conflict wherever he goes. Most notably, he transferred from luxury football club Real Madrid to family football club Manchester City for 32 million pounds (0.91 Andy Carrolls), only to immediately turn around once he had reached British airspace, deciding that he couldn't deal with his new lifestyle of being 6km in the air.

He is already negogiating a way out of his next 3 clubs, making it clear that he never felt at home when he looked up the images of the places on his brand new Macintosh.