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Roger Milla[]

Roger Milla (born Albert Roger Mooh Miller, May 20, 1952) was a Cameroon striker whose fairy-tale exploits at the 1990 World Cup will never be forgotten.

Milla was already winding down his career when Italia '90 approached but he was persuaded to come out of international retirement by Cameroon president Paul Biya. After persistent nagging, Milla agreed to 'come for a bit'

Commentators claimed that no-one knew exactly how old he was, but this was actually a slightly racist urban myth drawing on the same set of assumptions as the rumour that Cameroon had brought a witch-doctor to the tournament.

In reality Milla was 38: too old even to play in League Two, let alone on the game's biggest stage. Yet the gap-toothed veteran not only netted twice against Romania, but celebrated each goal by doing a shuffling dance with the corner flag, imitated by countless goalscorers since.

Milla was on target again in a 2-1 win over Colombia to book a place in the quarter-finals, to the embarrassment of FIFA officials who had already allocated their hotel rooms to other teams and sent them a 'Thanks For Taking Part' card.

Cameroon's run was unluckily ended by England, but Milla incredibly popped up at World Cup 1994 to become the oldest scorer ever seen, or to be seen, at a World Cup, when he netted against Russia. He was 42 - the same age as people's dads.