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Romario de Souza Faria (born January 29, 1966 in Rio de Janeiro) was one of the best strikers of all-time, but he went to ridiculous lengths to try and claim he had scored 1000 goals.

There can be no doubt that Romario scored lots of goals. The Brazilian marksman found the net in pretty much every game he played for PSV and then managed to do the same in a proper league for Barcelona.

However, the key to Romario’s frightening goal tally was spending much of his career in Brazil, where games routinely have a rush goalkeeper because nobody much fancies it playing between the sticks.

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Aghast at Romario's moustache gag, Scolari sent the goal-loving striker home from training

Obsession with 1000 goals[]

From 2006, Romario began thinking about reaching the landmark of 1000 goals. Sadly, by that time he was 40 and was a good couple of hundred short.

However, by counting goals scored in friendlies, youth games, in the garden against his children, table football and just things he had done well in day-to-day life like throwing a sock into the washing machine, Romario reached his target.

On May 20, 2007 Romario scored what Romario considered to be his 1000th goal from the penalty spot while playing for Vasco da Gama against Sport Recife. FIFA politely disagreed.

Unexpectedly shit at coaching[]

The natural move after such a prestigious playing career was to become a manager, but sadly Romario was no good at it and had no interest in a role that didn't involve scoring goals.

Instead, Romario announced his plan to score 2000 goals, claiming that his press conference to make that announcement counted as one.

Chicken-related problems[]

In April 2009, Romario was ordered to pay damages after attacking a fan who threw several chickens at him during training in 2003.

National career[]

Romario won the rigged World Cup in 1994, but his international career was hampered by his habit of dicking around in training sessions. He especially fell out with Luiz Felipe Scolari due to a misguided training ground prank that saw Romario superglue a silly little moustache on the respected tactician - it is still there today.