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Ronald Franklin Atkinson (born 18 March 1939 in Liverpool, England) is a part time football pundit, manager, television presenter, musician, football troubleshooter and racist. He's commonly known as Big Ron.

Big Ron was a one club man, playing only for Oxford City during his career. However it wasn't until after his managerial career that he gained popularity amongst white radicals.

After he left his post at Nottingham Forest, Big Ron joined up with ITV. He regularly gave his view on matches and the diverse races in Britain. It wasn't until 2004 however ITV decided he may have gone one step too far after he claimed Chelsea player Marcel Desailly "is what is known in some schools as a lazy thick nigger". Ironically enough this message was broadcast to various countries in the Middle East. Big Ron was no doubt happy with his work.

Strangely enough, Ron's racial views don't stop there. He's widely expressed his hatred for Italian men with long hair after he claimed AS Roma's player Francesco Totti "actually looks a little twat".

After a few years underground (presumably rendezvousing with various KKK figures) Big Ron returned with a new documentary named Big Ron Manager where Big Ron decided League Two's Peterborough United were utter shite and he knew best. Although Peterborough United already had a manger in the form of Steve Bleasdale, Big Ron was determined to make sure he was top dog. Sadly this didn't go at all well and led to a dressing room brawl between the players. Big Ron claimed this exercise was there to "toughen the boys up" although he refused to comment on why Peterborough United defender, Sean St. Ledger, began brandishing a machete.

The program was topped off when half decent manager Steve Bleasdale could take no more of Big Ron's racial slurs and completely pointless football exercises and spectacularly resigned 20 minutes before Peterborough's epic encounter with Macclesfield Town. Big Ron must've been in heaven until Peterborough United chairman, Barry Fry, took matters into his own hands and declared himself manager. None the less, it didn't end well for Peterborough United. They missed out on promotion and Big Ron gained only a few more reasons to hate minorities.

These days Big Ron is attempting to claw back his television career. In the interim period he accepted a post as manager of the Palmerston North Boys High School's 4th XI in New Zealand's Manawatu Youth League. After one season he was sacked, as the team lost every game and conceded 119 goals in 12 games. He is expected to be replaced by Glenn Roeder.