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To hit Row Z is a term/cliche fans and commentators alike use for describing a shot at goal which, in all honesty, your gran could have got closer to the goal than the player taking it. A shot which could conceivably hit any low-flying aircraft which happened to be flying over the stadium at the time.

David Beckham sending his penalty in to Row Z

Notable times Row Z was hit[]

David Beckham vs. Portugal, 24th June, Euro 2004 quarter finals:

After finishing 2nd behind France in their group (at the expense of admittedly shit Croatia and Switzerland), England played host-Nation Portugal in Lisbon. After finishing 2-2 at the end of extra time, it was time for England's bi-yearly elimination from a major International tournament on penalties. Captain David Beckham stepped up first for England, despite never being a convincing penalty taker and coming off the back of missing one against France in the tournament's group stage. Beckham placed the ball on the spot, took his run-up and fired the ball into Row Z (although some sources claim Sepp Blatter lobbied for a 27th letter to be added to the English alphabet, just to have a term which truly justified just how much Beckham had missed the target by)

Frequent Row Z hitters[]

Emile Heskey - The good honest pro who, whilst he wouldn't hurt a fly, has endangered many a fan's well-being who sat in Row Z to watch a match he was playing in through the sheer inaccuracy of his shooting.

Bobby Zamora - The former Spurs, Fulham and West Ham man who currently plays for QPR. Hit Row Z so many times fans of opposing teams were forced to make a song not to irritate him, but to warn newer fans of the dangers of sitting in Row Z when Zamora is playing.

Roberto Carlos - Whilst he has scored some cracking free kicks in his time, the ones that haven't been watched 1,000,000+ times on YouTube mostly ended up in Row Z.