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Samuel Eto'o[]

Samuel Eto'o Fils (born 10 March 1981 in Douala) is a hugely successful Cameroonian striker, a menace to journalists and a shoe thief.

Eto’o: Great striker[]

Eto’o is the top scorer in the history of the African Cup of Nations, the fourth most productive striker in Barcelona history and can grow a huge Afro on demand. During a prodigious spell at Barcelona, Eto’o has won the Champions League twice and La Liga thrice.

The ex-Mallorca man scored the opening goal in Barça’s magnificent 2-0 triumph over Manchester United in the 2009 final, but his achievement was somewhat overshadowed by his embarrassing celebration, which seemed to glorify heroine addiction.

Eto’o: Bit of an arsehole[]

Every now and again Eto’o becomes irrationally angry, especially around members of the press corps.

Early in his career, the volatile goal-getter took exception to a question from Spanish reporter Bartolome Terrassa and threatened to kill him. Years later, Eto’o headbutted another journalist Philippe Bony after a press conference.

Eto’o’s former agent Daniel Argibeaut claims that Samuel made a death threat against him when the striker, aided by goons, stole the representative’s shoes. “In Cameroon that means I am threatened with death,” Agribeaut said. However, Eto’o maintained that the theft was ‘a traditional gesture of friendship’ before adding ‘these beauties will polish up a treat.’

During his first season at Barcelona, Eto’o caused trouble when he celebrated the Catalan giants’ title success by chanting anti-Real Madrid songs at the Merengues fans.

Eto’o had problems with Frank Rijkaard and would sometimes refuse to play under the crazy-haired Dutchman. Whenever Eto’o scored during Rijkaard’s reign he would perform an angry celebration, ranging from pointing at the name on the back of his shirt to dousing Rijkaard in honey and unloading a tanker of fire ants on the sideline.

In the summer of 2009, Eto'o joined Inter in a swap deal with nasally endowed nasty piece of work Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Samuel Eto'o on Back of the Net News[]

Eto'o 'Very Disappointed' With Celebration.[1]