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Silly Time is a phrase to use in moments where the usual sequence of footballing events break down. A game exposed to silly time is often rendered pointless by the silly events, when 8 men are playering 11 for example, the result is immaterial, the game is in silly time. The results are always massively silly.

An example of silly time would be a sequence of goals scored incredibly quickly, say 3 in 5 minutes. During the celebrations of the third goal the commentator can announce 'Another! I can't believe what's happening at Fratton Park! This is silly time!'

Equally, a striker scoring more than the already daft hat-trick can be said to be in 'silly time'. An example would be 'Dion Dublin... 4! Wimbledon are devestated, Dublin is in silly time!'

The phrase is very versatile, it also describes the moment an angry striker decides to go for a sliding tackle. Wayne Rooney has silly time at least 8 or 9 times in every game. He is often wound up like an unfed pitbull in a nursery because of offsides, fouls, itches, lack of the ball at his feet or sometimes even his own potato-faced reflection. As Alan Hansen would say 'you could see it in his eyes he was going to take out the man. The moment he lost the ball he was in silly time'.

Silly time is also useful for any goals scored after three minutes of injury time, a goal scored by a "No-Nonsense" player or even for footballers private lives. Gabriel Agbonlahor getting three girls pregnant at the same time or David Beckham going for pig shandying Rebecca Loos can be descibed as 'silly time'.

The final use of silly time is a text based lolfest, in which you and any number of mates text each other useless players from your childhood, the more obscure the the better. Examples include:

'Najwan Ghrayib, silly time'

'omg Oyvind Leonhardsen, silly time'

'Warren Barton, SILLY TIME'