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Spanish Press[]

The Spanish press provides an endless source of unsubstantiated transfer stories.

It is estimated that transfer speculation occupies over 100,000 column inches per year in England. In Spain, that figure is closer to 5 billion.

Every week, one of Spain’s major sports papers Marca or AS will report that a huge transfer ‘will definitely take place’. It never does.

Marca reported the transfer of God-loving playmaker Kaka from Milan to Real Madrid every single day between January 2009 and the move actually taking place in June. The Spanish paper even went to extreme lengths to back up their claims by taking the bemused Brazilian hostage and forcing him to pose in a Real shirt before releasing him.

The Spanish ethos is aptly illustrated by AS’ slogan, which is emblazoned on the outside of their headquarters in Madrid: ‘If you throw enough shit at the wall some of it will stick.’

If journalists from any other European country are struggling for news they will often use the suffix ‘according to Spanish Press reports…’ to allow them to write any load of dreadful bolllocks.