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The original vidiprinter was used at the end of Grandstand and would type out results one letter at a time completing about three in an hour.

This led to a remarkably tense wait for scorelines to come through, especially if the previous game featured a team with a long name like Queen Of The South.

For no reason, if teams scored more than six, the vidiprinter would give it in letters as well as numbers, e.g. LIVERPOOL 9 (NINE) CRYSTAL PALACE NIL.

As technology improved, the vidiprinter managed to scroll scores at a tolerable speed. This drastically reduced the number of cardiac episodes suffered across the country on a Saturday afternoon, but purists felt some of its charm was lost.

Today's Final Score and Sky Soccer Saturday shows use a modern version of the vidiprinter but the whole afternoon's scores can come and go in the same time it used to take to get through Queen of the South v Stenhousemuir.