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Vote Of Confidence[]

A vote of confidence is issued to a manager who will shortly be sacked.

As with many phrase applied in a footballing context, a vote of confidence means the opposite of its literal translation.

When there is regular speculation in the media over the future of a struggling manager, a club will always issue the dreaded vote of confidence. This process allows the club’s directors to find a new manager while stressing their ‘complete faith’ in the hapless incumbent.

Masters of the vote of confidence[]

Newcastle United’s recent history provides the best example of the vote of confidence.

The desperately misguided North-Eastern outfit issued a unanimous vote of confidence to unpopular huge-headed point scrounger Sam Allardyce on the day of his sacking, stating: “Sam has a long, prosperous future ahead of him at St James’ Park.”

Three hours later, Allardyce was axed. But there was confusion as Newcastle’s crapulent owner Mike Ashley issued another vote of confidence insisting: “Sam’s doing a great job and we’re all right behind him.”