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Wolfgang Wolf[]

Wolfgang Wolf (born 24 September 1957 in Tiefenthal) had very little choice but to become the manager of Wolfsburg.

An unexceptional player and an equally unexceptional coach, Wolf gave the football world exactly what it wanted when he took the Wolfsburg hot seat.

The Bundesliga club turned down a number of other strong candidates, including Geoff Horsfield, Philipp Lahm, DJ Neil “Foxy” Fox and Bulgarian defender Trifon Ivanov, who is basically a wolf.

Wolf didn’t enjoy great success with Wolfsburg, but he fared better than Alan Brazil did when his name infamously landed him one of football’s most prestigious posts.

Wolfgang was widely tipped to take the Wolverhampton Wanderers job in July 2006, but he was strangely overlooked in favour of Muppettish northern goon Mick McCarthy.